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APT Web Design provides an Affordable, Professional, Tailor-made Web presence for small businesses and organizations. To be competitive in today’s marketplace it is essential to have a presence on the Internet providing information about and promotion of one’s products and services. There was a time when only larger enterprises were able to capitalize on this medium to improve their market awareness and competitive advantage. With advances in technology and corresponding scale of economy, the costs for a presence on the World Wide Web have come down to the point that any business or organization, no matter how small, can now afford to be a player on the Internet; the information super highway.

APT Web Design clients come from any industry or organizations that have not yet begun to advertise or promote their products or services on the Internet – or those who are in need of improving their existing websites. APT Web Design’s affordable, professional, tailor-made Web services enable its clients to extend their marketplace and improve their image, customer confidence, and competitive advantage. APT Web Design’s clients clearly take advantage of the premier 21st century promotional medium – the Internet.




The primary goal of APT Web Design is to develop clear, concise, custom web pages and websites that meet our clients’ needs. To achieve this goal, we follow a process with our clients to ensure a complete understanding of their requirements and then to implement a plan that satisfies those needs. This process involves the following steps:

  OBJECTIVES for the website are established by a mutual discussion and an exchange of ideas focusing on informational content, graphical interfaces, navigation structure, and any other aspects relevant to achieving the website goals.

  PROTOTYPE of the website is produced and reviewed with the client and if need be, further discussion and revision will follow until the final product is ready.

  LAUNCH of the website on the Internet by mutual consent is the final stage.

  FOLLOW-UP services of APT Web Design includes providing operational statistics for Website activity and consultation with respect to possible refreshing and updating of the site based on either new product or service offerings as well as to entice new and repeat visitors.



The product offered by APT Web Design is the development of custom web-pages and web-sites that meet our clients’ requirements. To support the objective of custom web page development, additional services are offered that include:

» Web site hosting — providing reliable 24x7 supported Web hosting services if needed.
» Domain name registration — if needed, will assist in developing and registering a unique domain name that will satisfy your Internet objectives.
» Search engine optimization — if needed, will develop your site to take better advantage of the multitude of available search engines including mapping and registration where appropriate.
» Web traffic statistics reporting — will provide statistical reporting and analysis for traffic patterns to your site in order to determine what , if any, enhancements may be warranted to better meet the objectives for your site.
» Web site audits and evaluations — a service where by your existing site is evaluated from the standpoint of content, style, navigation, searchability, and any other applicable criteria to determine what, if any, improvements can be made to help the site better meet your goals.

APT Web Design not only offers all of these services to small businesses and organizations but also to any group and individuals who can benefit with an Internet presence.



Hi, I'm Les Schmalbach and as owner and principal, I established APT Web Design, a small business, to provide an affordable, professional, and tailor-made Internet presence for other small businesses and organizations.  I have over ten years experience in developing web pages and web sites that provide information and promotion of products and services on the World Wide Web; the Internet and Intranet.

My background is that of an Information Technology professional with over 40 years experience.  My career began as a software engineer with a global computer systems company and throughout my career I have primarily been involved in product development.  During this time, I progressed into positions involving project, operations, resource and department management.

My education involves a BS in Business Administration from La Salle University in addition to completing numerous company-sponsored technical and marketing training sessions, both in-house and at Penn State University.  I am a member of the Association for Computer Manufacturers and over the years have been involved in community and civic activities associated with organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Red Cross and the United Way.


APT Web Design proudly acknowledges its affiliations with the following companies and organizations.

Assn. of Computer Mfgrs.  Association for Computing Machinery


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